ScanPods use clever tech to deliver an improved user experience at the same time as increasing the efficiency and performance of your event entry process. What's more, these free-standing Wi-Fi-enabled units can be used for entry, verification and scanning. Use them around your event, wherever you need to manage the flow of your attendees.

ScanPods key features


Contact-free event entry with ScanPods

ScanPods represent the next level in the evolution of event technology. They deliver a smooth, uninterrupted user experience for attendees and enhanced efficiency and productivity for the organiser. These sleek, portable units give event organisers the data they need to measure the performance of their event, meeting or conference and at the same time reduce the number of physical touchpoints. That's a win, win for everyone.

The ScanPod unit is WiFi enabled and battery operated so you can place them around the venue, wherever you need to gather data. What's more, the tech behind them is powerful, providing tools for managing entry scanning, session and seminar scanning, attendance and capacity control, verification scanning, access control and more.

Getting the most from ScanPods

  • Entry scanning
    Allows your visitor to present a barcode to scan on entry to the event. Enables the event organiser to obtain attendance reports.
  • Session and Seminar scanning
    To record attendance at sessions, visitors scan their badge before entering the session room.
    For capacity-controlled sessions, see at a glance if the person is booked for that. If the attendee hasn't booked and there is capacity, you can allow entry. If the attendee hasn't booked and there isn't capacity, you can refuse entry.
  • Verification scanning
    Verify the status of the visitor for specific activities or privileges such as a lunch entry, VIP bag, session entry and more.
  • Access control
    Confirm the visitor status for entry on a specific date or for access to specific areas.
  • Print scanning
    Allow badge collection from a designated badge collection point.


The award-winning ScanPod has been developed to provide real solutions for today's event organiser. Talk to our experts on +44 (0) 1827 61666 to see how you could be using ScanPods at your next event.


Why use ScanPods

  • Reduce human contact and give quick, smooth, and efficient contact-free entry
  • Free standing units keep your registration areas looking neat and tidy, and allow the flow of visitors to remain steady
  • Floor standing / desktop options provide flexibility for your layout needs
  • Branded event screens and branded units provide brand consistency through your event utilising the in-built branding options
  • Sponsor branding helps to achieve higher revenues by offering/upselling branding opportunities to your sponsors
  • Event information highlights your 'What's On' listings, so visitors see them on arrival
  • Potential to reduce your cost base and make your event more profitable by reducing the temporary staff requirements
  • Allows detailed reporting to analyse your visitor traffic post-event for full visibility of attendance levels and in-event footfall
  • Revenue protection and cost control (no more visitors sharing badges and allocations)
    • Last badge printed allowed
    • No second lunch
    • No second delegate bag
  • Incentivise your visitors to scan their badges eg, 'scan your badge and get a copy of the slides sent to your email address'


Find out how DEMEC (Developing Excellence in Medical Education Conference) used the ScanPod technology to create a contact-free event environment.


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Q. What is needed for a ScanPod to work?
A. WiFi – we take care of the rest. ScanPods have been designed to work with the venue WIFI. We suggest a standalone 5Ghz WiFi Network to maximise uptime. We can arrange this for you.
ScanPods also run off battery so do not require mains power.
Q. Can you move them around easily?
A. Yes, the units work on WiFi and/or battery power and are easy to move around. You can deploy them wherever you need them around the venue.
Q. How long does it take to set up a ScanPod?
A. Once a ScanPod is in position, it can be up and scanning within minutes.
Q. Do I have to use your onsite services in order to have ScanPods at my event?
A. Yes, the ScanPods are an add-on product of RefTech online and onsite registration solutions.
Q. How many will I need?
A. Our account managers will advise on quantities when they go through your event brief with you. This will form part of your initial proposal. These numbers can be increased and decreased as necessary in the run up to the event depending on your pre-registrations.
Q. What happens if the WiFi fails?
A. If the ScanPod cannot pass data to our onsite server, it stores it in its own computer. When WiFi is restored, it passes all its stored data back to our onsite server.
Q. Can I dee a demo?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot demo these units. However, we exhibit at industry exhibitions throughout the year and will have the ScanPod units on our stand – drop us a line to find out where we are next and to book a meeting to see the units for yourself.