Badged events

Badged events

When your event needs badges, RefTech has the answer. Using our event badge options you can provide badges in the way that is right for you.

  • Print-at-home badges
  • Send fast track details for on-site badge collection
  • Send out badges in advance by post

The options for badges are wide, too. You can have whatever design suits you and each badge can contain the information that you want. If your attendees have long names, the software word-wraps their names and, of course, it handles accented characters. You can opt for the traditional plastic badges or choose from a range of paper badges. You can even have an option where a full colour badge is printed on demand in just a few seconds so there's no need for pre-printing badge stock.

As always with RefTech, the choice is yours.


More information about our badging options can be found on these pages.

Badges only

Plastic badges

Peel and stick badges

Folded paper badges

Print at home badges

Fast track

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