Fast track

Fast track

Fast track event registration provides a speedy solution to issuing badges to attendees. Most organisers want to get attendees through registration as quickly as possible and that's why they choose RefTech. Although some organisers like to have a bit of a queue to show how well the event is attended, so they ask us to slow things down.

With Fast track event registration, your attendees are sent a barcode. They bring that to your event on a mobile device or as a print out. Once at the venue, the barcode is scanned and the badge printed automatically. It takes seconds.

Fast track can be provided as an unattended option, so attendees scan their own barcodes, with guidance provided on preview screens. Alternatively, staff can be supplied to help attendees with the scanning and badge collection process. The choice is yours.

Why not use our Wallet/Passbook feature to compliment your fast track entry.

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