Fast track event registration

Fast track event registration provides a speedy solution for issuing badges to attendees. Most organisers want to get attendees through registration as quickly as possible and that's why they choose RefTech. Although some organisers like to have a bit of a queue to show how well the event is attended, so they ask us to slow things down.

Fast track can be provided as an unattended option, so attendees scan their own barcodes, with guidance provided on preview screens. Or, staff can be supplied to help attendees with the scanning and badge collection process. The choice is yours.

You might also be interested in Wallet/passbook and Queue Busting options. Make sure you also look at PrintPod too.


PrintPod is a freestanding and contact-free badge collection and event entry all-in-one fast track solution. The PrintPod provides a fast and efficient way to scan a barcode and print their badge.


How it works

With Fast track event registration, your attendees are sent a barcode.

  1. Bring the barcode to the event on a mobile device or as a printout
  2. Once at the venue, the barcode is scanned and the badge is printed automatically

The process takes seconds.



Want an easier way for your attendees to access their fast-track barcode? Take advantage of our Wallet/Passbook feature, compatible with IOS and Android.

Add the Wallet/Passbook links and QR code to your e-badge and/or email communications. The attendee can use this information to add a pass to your event in the Wallet/Passbook app on their phone.

Benefits of Wallet/Passbook

With Fast track event registration, your attendees are sent a barcode.

  • No paper printouts to remember
  • Not reliant on Wi-Fi/mobile data connection to download barcodes contained within emails
  • Quick and easy method of entry
  • Available worldwide

For the fastest possible entry process for your attendees, Wallet/Passbook is the answer


Wallet/Passbook Example

This feature was used at an event in the Brighton Centre. Once inside the venue, most mobile data connections were unavailable. Attendees who had their fast track barcode in their Wallet/Passbook app were able to continue through registration without any delays while those who were using emails on their phones had to connect to the venue Wi-Fi in order to download the barcode images before they could pass through registration.

Queue busting options

Every successful event has queues at opening time on day one.

If you want, you can have staff equipped with hand-held scanners and smartphones or iPads out among the queues. They can use these to scan Fast Track barcodes. The attendees they're helping can then pick up their badges from a designated desk.

VIP meet and greet

Some organisers give our Queue busting technology to the VIP meet and greet people.

Others use it just to increase the number of attendees being processed.

It's fast, easy, and efficient – just what you need at registration on day one.


Scan & print

Get fast on-site printing with Scan and Print.
If you have sent your attendees an e-badge with their barcode you can scan them on arrival and produce their badge.

Using the scan and print feature on the WebScanning app, simply scan the e-badge barcode and the attendee's badge will print out at the designated printer.

Greet and interact at the entrance, scan their barcode, and direct attendees to the printers.

Fast, easy, efficient.


Mobile badge printing

Using an IOS or Android tablet can give you flexibility to print badges on the go.

Simply login into your event reference account, search for your attendee, open their record, and press 'print badge'.
This prints to the dedicated printer you have allocated.

IOS tablet users can also take advantage of advanced report views, please talk to your account/project manager for more information.

Mobile badge printing can also be used whilst outside the venue.


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