What do you do?
RefTech provides online and onsite registration, badging and scanning for events of all types and size.
How much notice do you need to work on our event?
The longer the better, but if your deadlines are tight then please let us know immediately, we shall always try to accommodate.
How does your system work?
This depends on what solution you opt for. Our account managers can discuss this in more detail with you. In short, we take your data and enable you to have name badges and reporting for your event.
How quick is your system?
For fast-track badge collection we work on an approximate figure of 160 people through 1 station in one hour.
Have you got any new technology?
We are always looking at new technology and in 2023 we were delighted to introduce award winning technology for our ScanPod and PrintPod units.
Do you need technical support?
Not all events require technical support, but this will be discussed with you at quote stage and the best solution for you and your event will be recommended.
Do you have purchasable software so we can put it on our own Laptops?
No, we don't.
How much room does a badge station take?
We ask you to allow a minimum of 1.5 meters per station when planning your registration area.
How big are the printers?
For most badge types: Width: 310mm, Depth: 283mm, Height 261mm Weight: 12kg. For any further information your project manager will be able to advise you on this.
Does your system need internet?
An internet connection is required for some elements of what we do, however if the internet fails whilst at an event, then the systems will work locally and update when the connection is restored.
What happens if you lose the internet?
Our onsite solutions continue to work if the internet connection fails completely. It is able to continue to search for delegates, print their badges and scan people and then any changes that happen will be queued and sent to the main servers as soon as connection is restored.
What happens if we lost power?
Unfortunately, if power is lost then certain pieces of equipment will not work, however we will liaise with the venue and clients if this happens.
Do we have to have onsite support with more than 1 station?
Onsite support will be discussed with you at quote stage and the correct technical support options will be given to you.
When will our registration site be up and running / how long will it take to build the registration system and have it live?
This depends on the complexity of your registration site; you will be advised at quote stage on timelines. Typically, we try to work on a time 2-3 week turnaround time.
Is there a limit to the number of registrations?
No, there are no limitations at all.
Can you take payments?
Payments can be taken through our online registration platform EventReference. Our onsite software does not have this facility.
Is it ok if we use our own/other 3rd party registration platform?
Yes, you can use your registration provider of choice, however for a totally transparent solution you can use our registration platform.
Can we scan in and out?
There are many ways of scanning in and out of an event and sessions. You can capture scans in several ways so please discuss this with your account manager so we can offer the best solution for the outcome that you need. See CPD.
Scanning options are available here.
Can I have session/entrance scanning on my own phone/device?
Unfortunately no, however, we provide all the devices required which come fully charged and ready to use for the duration of your event.
Can you scan QR codes?
No, our technology works using 1d barcode technology.
Can we use our own scanners with your barcodes?
No, as you will not have our software. If you wanted to look at an API kit, we can do this on an ad-hoc basis.
Do your scanners need an internet connection?
This depends on the type of scanning required. Live scanning, yes; downloadable scanning, no.
Can we send the E-badge from our system not yours/or can we use another barcode from ticket/registration site for FastTrack entry?
Yes, but we would need to discuss this further and testing would need to be carried out.
Can we design the badge, or do you have to do it?
Yes, you can design your own badges, we have downloadable artwork guidelines on the website for you to use.
Can we have different badge types/designs?
Yes, you can have as many badge types/design as you wish. *** additional cost may be incurred
Are we able to add customer logos and sponsor logos onto our badges / registration sites?
Yes, you can personalise your badges with as many logos as you require.
Can you print an agenda on the badge?
Yes, generic and personalised agendas can be added to your badges. For personalised agendas we would need to know in advance.
Can we add photos to badges?
Can you offer single-sided badges?
Yes, we can offer single and / or double-sided badges.
Click here for badge types.
Can you print our barcodes onto your badges?
Yes, we use 1d barcodes for all our scanning services.
Can you print a QR code on the badge?
Yes, we can print QR codes on your badges, please be aware though, if you require RefTech scanning services you will need a 1d barcode on your badge.
What badge material do you offer?
Please take a look at our options.
Are your badges durable (will they last)?
We have varying badge materials suitable for short or long events.
Are your badges environmentally friendly (do you do ones without plastic)?
We have a variety of badge options available and can provide you with the environmental statuses of each type, please also take a look at our environmental policy.
Can I have personalised lanyards?
Yes, the lead time for personalised lanyards is approximately 4 weeks
What is the best way to transfer data across to Reftech?
We ask that you upload your data straight into EventReference, our online platform. If you want to use an alternative method, we advise it is sent securely. We do not recommend sharing data with us via email.
Where are your servers located?
Our servers are located in the EEU
How do you manage GDPR protocols for data transfer from us to you?
We are the data processor for this purpose.
What reports can we have, is it a set list?
You can report on your data in many ways, our reporting feature is extremely powerful. If there are complex reports that you need then please let us know in advance.
Are there any contracts?
No, we don't hold you to a contract, we like to think that our working relations are based on trust and integrity.
How much is your system?
Our prices vary depending on what solution you opt for, and we quote on an event by event basis.
What is the License Fee for?
The EventReference License fee guarantees data storage and back-up.
Event reference information can be found here.
What is the set-up fee for?
Our set up fee covers many elements some of which are project schedules, event set up and database creation, badge checking and packing.
Can I have a list of pricing for items and solutions rather than a specific quote?
This would need to be discussed further with your account manager.
Can we pay 50% pre-event and 50% post event as we haven't used you before?
Payment terms are part of your quote, please refer to this.
Is your registration pricing based on the number of registrations?
No, the registration cost is not based on number of registrants, nor are there any per delegate fees.
Is there a more cost-effective solution?
Yes, do it yourself using the EventReference self-service option.