Attendance Scanning

Attendance scanning, also referred to as entry scanning, is the one crucial number you need to understand your event. Who came? What day did they come? What time did they arrive? These are fundamental questions that all event organisers should want to know.

How to capture attendance figures

There are several ways to do this including using:

  • Fast track entry. Great for a one-day event with badging on demand. Utilise fast track stations for speed and efficiency.
  • Hand-held scanning devices. When the venue has less than excellent WiFi, handheld scanners are ideal. Also useful for scanning pre-printed badges.
  • Mobile App. An all-in-one scanning solution. Works specifically with WebBadging.


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Powerful attendance reporting

Using the reporting feature, you can report on:

  • Attended and non-attended
  • Attendance by attendee type
  • Re-entry by attendee and attendee type
  • Unique attended by day and overall


Recording the attendance at your event means you can easily remarket to attendees post-event, understand how your show has grown year-on-year, and understand the busier and quieter periods.


The scanning solutions available to you are broad. So, as well as attendance scanning you might also like to find out about:

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