WebScanning is an App specifically designed to use with EventReference and WebBadging. It gives you everything you need for scanning attendees and printing badges.

Key features of WebScanning

All you need is an Android device and a Bluetooth scanner.

Features include:

  • Scan and print (internet connection required).
  • Attendance scanning and reporting.
  • Session scanning and reporting.


Scan and Print

Scan and print gives you FAST on-site badge printing.

When you send your delegates and attendees an e-badge with a barcode, you'll want to scan them on arrival and produce their badge.

Using the scan and print feature on the WebScanning app, simply scan the e-badge barcode and the attendee's badge will print out at the designated printer. Please note, for this functionality a reliable internet/WiFi/3g connection is required at all times.

Fast. Easy. Efficient.


Attendance scanning

The attendance scanning feature gives you post-event attendance reports.

Scanning badges at the registration area provides the data you need for your post-event attendance report. All you need is a badge with a barcode printed onsite or in advance. Access your reports at any time using your EventReference login and clicking on the reports list.

You can also use summary reports (link) to have a quick glance!


Session scanning

The session scanning feature of WebScanning enables you to easily find out who has attended sessions during your event. It's easy and hassle-free. Here's how:

  • First, create your sessions in EventReference
  • Then, on the scanning app choose the session you want to scan into
  • Next, scan delegates at they enter the session
  • And finally, look at your reports in EventReference

Please note. For data to sync between the scanning app and the EventReference server an internet/3g mobile connection is required. Whilst offline, scans will be recorded and saved, and data will be synced automatically when a connection is restored.


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