Badge Printing

Once you have decided on the way you want to badge your attendees and the types of badges you will use, you are left with the choice of how you will print your badges onsite at the event.

There are three options for printing your badges on site determined by the size of your audience, the space available, your budget, and your staff availability.

How you print your badges onsite

  1. Single User - a great option for smaller events, or when you're handling onsite registration yourself. Combine pre-printed badges or print-at-home badges with the option to print onsite for replacement badges or new registrants.
  2. Fast Track - the speedy solution using barcodes requiring a simple scan and the badge prints in seconds. Check out PrintPod, the freestanding contact-free badge printing station.
  3. Look Up and Print - a manned registration desk solution with full flexibility to look up, amend or add registration details, and to print badges.

Each of the above options are covered by our Onsite Registration services.


Our software is built with the user in mind making it quick and easy to learn and use. It copes with long names and foreign and accented characters too. And it can print full colour badges on demand in just a few seconds so there’s no need for pre-printing badge stock.


If you're using EventReference Self-Service for your online registration you can use WebBadging, specifically created for designing and printing professional, low-cost event badges yourself.

All you need is an EventReference user account to get started.


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