Verification Scanning

Verification scanning is the solution you need when you want to confirm or verify that an attendee is entitled to something. It takes the guesswork out for event staff with a simple and clean onscreen visual aid using red and green. What's more, the system provides the verification information in fractions of a second.

How you can use verification scanning

Here we explain the three key elements of verification scanning so that you can decide what is relevant for your event. If you have any questions about how to use verification scanning, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.


Capacity controlled sessions

Check quickly and easily if the person is entitled to enter the session. If the attendee hasn't booked and there is capacity, you can allow entry. If there isn't capacity, you can refuse entry. Nice and straight-forward.


Active badges

When you want attendees to have only one active badge, you can set up the system so that printing replacement badges disables earlier printings. This is especially useful at paid-for events. It stops attendees registering, collecting a badge and passing it to a colleague and then getting a second badge printed. If this happens, the first badge shows up as inactive when it is scanned.


VIP perks and other add-ons

Verification scanning is useful for checking if a delegate is entitled to something such as a free lunch, a delegate pack, or a paid-for addition on their registration. The system checks the attendee's record for what they are entitled to receive and whether they have already had it. If an attendee has had their entitlement, such as a paid-for lunch, and lends their badge to a colleague who hasn't paid for the lunch, the system will show that one meal has already been provided to the name on the badge.


Verification scanning is a clever and useful tool for capacity control, paid-for events and delegate perks and add-ons. It can also be used in conjunction with pre-registered information and delegate photos.


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