Exhibitor lead management

The powerful secure lead management system for exhibitors to collect, manage and follow up their exhibition leads is called LeadReference. This system goes much further than simply collecting the business card information offered in general lead retrieval systems. LeadReference works hand-in-hand with the registration data so if you want your exhibitors to maximise their ROI from your event, this is a real and tangible way for you to do that.

How it works

Once you've agreed that we can offer LeadReference to your exhibitors, they are sent an email containing a link to order LeadReference. They will receive their own unique login details for the system and then they can get started.

Lead Qualification

Most exhibitors want to qualify their leads even if that is to identify the person who took the lead. For many though, they will want to add other product or service information, areas of interest, buying cycle, decision-making criteria and more.

When the exhibitor uses the lead qualification feature, the information they add is included on the reports they will see at the end of the event.


LeadReference App

The LeadReference App works on iOS and Android and can operate across multiple mobile devices. When there is a network connection, barcode scanning data is uploaded immediately. At other times, the App stores the data until it can be uploaded. Nothing is lost.

When the exhibitor uses the lead qualification feature, it operates in touchscreen mode, making the process fast and convenient.



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