Badge types

When you are deciding on the type of badges you want there is plenty of choice. You can have as many badge types as you wish such as delegate, visitor, exhibitor, speaker, VIP and staff. In fact, any badge type you need. You can also use colour flashes or text to differentiate between badge types.

The software that you will use online and onsite has been written by us in house, by our own developers using vast years of experience within the badging and registration industry.

It copes with long names as well as foreign and accented characters and also offers the ability to print colour in one pass onsite, taking away the need to pre-order a set quantity of badge stock.

Badge content

Badges can carry a variety of information along with the attendee's name. For example,

  • Job title, company/organisation name
  • Unique barcode
  • Generic agenda
  • Personalised agenda
  • Photograph

If you're not sure what can include on the type of badge you've chosen, get in touch and we'll advise you.


The type of badge you use

There are four types of badge:

  1. Plastic cards that are pre-printed for you using your data
  2. Butterfly badges which don't require a plastic wallet, are super quick to print, and use 'peel and stick' to create the badge
  3. Fanfold badges which are ideal for outdoor events or any event where you don't want to use a plastic wallet
  4. Folded paper badges for A6 and A7 badge sizes, which are inserted into a plastic wallet


Plastic cards

Our plastic credit card style badges can be printed in full colour, single or double sided and personalised. You can choose landscape or portrait depending on your branding.

We can arrange for these badges to be recycled after use. Include returned badges with the on-site kit and we'll pass them to a certified recycling centre where they're used to make trays and paint pots.

Holes or slots can be added to the badge for easy attachment.

These badges are also ideal for luggage tags, we can supply luggage straps if required.


Butterfly badges

Butterfly badges, otherwise known as 'peel and stick badges', do not require a plastic wallet and are therefore less hassle at the registration area.

  • They are printed in one pass in full colour, on an A5 carrier
  • The badges are available in two sizes, 96 x 80mm and 96 x 120mm
  • Three different finishes are available for the 96 x 80mm size, non-laminated, silk and laminated
  • The 96 x 120mm size is usually supplied as non-laminated, but a special order can be made for laminated stock
  • They are not designed to be stuck directly to clothing
  • When printed the badge itself peels off the carrier, folds in half and can be attached to a lanyard or clip
  • They are supplied with a combined slot and hole at the top of the badge


Fanfold Badges

Fanfold Badges are ideal for outdoor events as they do not require a plastic wallet.

  • Print full colour in one pass
  • Works across all our onsite badging solutions including PrintPods
  • Dimensions:
    Standard 96mm wide x 82mm high
    Large 96mm wide x 134mm high
  • The standard 96mm x 82mm badge, is available non-laminated, or with a tear resistent laminated finish for extra durability
  • The large 96mm x 134mm badge is available as non-laminated or card
  • Pre-cut euroslot for lanyard


Folded paper badges

We offer two sizes, both printed double-sided as standard. All badges can be printed quickly and easily, with event logos and colour coded if required. Agenda and event information as well as a barcode can also be added.

A7 paper

A7 paper badges are sheets of pre-folded A6 paper which when folded creates an A7 badge. Once printed, they just need to be slipped into a plastic badge holder for use. Badge dimensions when folded are 102 x 70 mm.

A6 paper

A6 paper badges are sheets of pre-folded A5 paper which when folded creates an A6 badge. Once printed, they just need to be slipped into a plastic badge holder for use. Badge dimensions when folded are 105 x 148 mm.


The onsite software can be used for badge production, new registrations, amendments to pre-registered information and issuing of replacement badges, verifying attendance and certificate printing.

Our software is built and designed with the user in mind making it quick and easy to use as well as learn. Many of our customers are impressed with the short amount of time it takes to understand and use the software.

Badge Printing Videos

We have provided a number of videos to show the speed of EventReference badge printing and convenience of badge scanning.

To help you choose the right badge type for your event we can send you a free badge sample pack


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