EventReference Approval Process

When you have a large number of registrations to process, it's easier and more efficient to use an approval process. With EventReference, it's easy because you can automatically approve registrants, automatically decline them, or mark them as awaiting approval when they register.

The EventReference Approval Process is available through our Project Managed Service.


Automatic approvals and declines

The EventReference automatic approvals and declines can instantly verify registrants based on pre-defined criteria. For example, for high security events, you may want to automatically decline certain types of email domain address. For other circumstances the answers given on the registration form can result in an automatic approval or decline.

Manual approval and declines

Sometimes a manual approval and decline method is required where decisions need to be made on the whole registration. In this case, workflows can easily be run on registrants awaiting approval, either individually through buttons or on mass through batch processing. This process allows multiple tasks to be actioned against records in a single click. For example, set a new status, upgrade or downgrade to a new badge type, or generate a particular email content.

The EventReference Approval Process allows you to easily manage registrations in the way that best suits the needs of your event.


With EventReference Project Managed Service you get access to many more online event registration features and functions.

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Chris is always excellent onsite. He's always calm and cheery and assists with lost barcode queries which is incredibly helpful during the busy periods. Keith is also a great asset. He's always very adaptable and solutions focused. With events, it can be short turnarounds and high pressure, but Keith and Chris always make everything feel easy and achievable. Rob is also always very warm, helpful, and knowledgeable. Suzie and Penny are also always very helpful, keeping me well informed when payments are due and accommodating our internal procurement processes.

Wonderly Agency/Haymarket

India was great as always, she's always very helpful and quick to respond. It's a pleasure working with her.


Ben Harrison as always was extremely helpful in the build up to the event. Pete Thompson as well was brilliant and made the process very easy. Thanks again RefTech team!

A & I Group


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