Ways to badge your attendees

When it comes to providing badges for your attendees, the first choice to make is to decide the way you want to badge them. There are five ways to do this, covering everything from e-badges right the way through to a personalised fulfilment service. If you need help determining what's right for you, give us a call and we'll advise you.

There are FIVE ways to badge your attendees

  1. The fast and efficient choice - use E-badges
  2. The most convenient and reliable option - choose Wallet Pass
  3. The really simple and cost-effective choice - use Print at Home badges
  4. For straight-forward, no frills - choose Pre-printed badges
  5. For a personalised experience with the option to include additional items - choose Mailed-out badges with a fulfilment service


If you want to gather meaningful reports about your delegates and attendees, you need to include a barcode with your badge choice.


E-badges are a fast and efficient choice to issuing badges.

  • Registrants are sent an email containing a barcode
  • They scan the barcode on their mobile device or paper printout at the event
  • The badge prints out in seconds
  • This choice enables you to get attendees through the doors quickly using our fast track options


Wallet Pass

Wallet Passes are stored on your phone. It is the most convenient and reliable entry process for your attendees.

  • No need to access emails or print out paper
  • Users store their pass with barcode in their mobile wallet or passbook App
  • Not WiFi dependent
  • Available worldwide

Note: this feature is only available with our Fast Track entry system.


Print at home badges

The really simple and cost-effective choice that maintains quality.

  • Send an email through the event registration system to registrants
  • Each registrant clicks the unique link in their email to see their badge
  • They print it on their own printer and bring the badge with them
  • They collect a badge holder at the event

When you're looking for cost-savings without losing quality, then print-at-home badges is a good choice. The badge layout can also include additional information such as opening times and venue details.


Pre-printed badges

We also refer to this as 'badges only'. No fuss, no frills, just a straightforward choice to preprint the badges before the event.

  • We can design the pre-printed badge for you
  • You send us your data
  • We print your badges
  • We ship them to you in time for your event
  • You can also hire our equipment for onsite changes if you wish

If you want your badges laid out in alphabetical order so that each attendee is easy to find, we can supply badge trays too.


Mailed out badges

Badges that are pre-printed can be mailed out with our fulfilment service. They are sent with a personalised letter and we can include other items including parking passes, lanyards, t-shirts, flyers, or anything else you want to send to your attendees.

This is a great choice for a personalised experience.


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