Events with Free and Paid Entry

Whether you are offering free or paid entry, or a combination, it's all powered by EventReference online event management software. You are in complete control of how you decide to manage entry to your event. This includes if you want to charge an entry fee, offer free entry or charge for elements of your event.

Examples of events with free entry

Free entry but restricted to an invitation list - simply import a spreadsheet of your invitees and EventReference can send an email to each with a link to registration.

Perhaps all registrations are free, but you want to check specific types of registrants, such as journalists. Create a media category with the ability to accept or reject people.

Or perhaps you want free entry registration for the whole event but charge for specific elements such as a Gala Dinner. You can do that too in EventReference.


EventReference is the cost-effective, easy, powerful, secure and FAST online registration system. Manage your event registration and badging yourself, or we can do it for you.

Events with paid entry

Events with paid entry are easy in EventReference with the built-in flexibility to decide on how much to charge for all or some elements of your event.

For example, you can:

  • Have early bird registrations
  • Charge for registration
  • Charge for additional items such as a Gala Dinner
  • Have free registration for the main event and charge for additional elements
  • What's more, you use your own merchant account. This means the money goes straight into your bank account on your normal terms.


Offer paid add-on products

Even when your main event is free to register, you can offer paid for optional extras at the point of registration. Maybe it's a lunch, an industry dinner, awards night or after-show party. Simply create a product catalogue within EventReference and your attendees can see the items they can select and pay for at the time of registration.


Offer discount codes and vouchers

By using discount or voucher codes a percentage discount is deducted to the final cost price. They are especially useful for incentivising registrations during marketing campaigns and promotional periods.

The amount of discount is pre-determined by you. The codes can be easily activated or deactivated as required.


Integrates with payment gateways

EventReference already integrates with the most common payment gateway providers including PayPal, Opayo, Barclaycard ePDQ, Mastercard Payment Gateway Services, NetBanx, Stripe and WorldPay. This means that if you are with any of these providers then we can integrate your registration with your merchant account and have you taking payments very quickly.

Not see your gateway above? Send us a message as we regularly look at integration with other payment gateway providers when our customers need it.


Flexible reporting and payment management

EventReference has this covered too. You can see all transactions that have taken place through the system, the products purchased and who bought them.

What's more, you can see this at attendee level, including what they've bought and the completed transactions. Couple this with our powerful workflow system and you have complete visibility and measurement of the financial elements of your event.


Don't forget you can do this yourself, or we can do it for you.

Working with event organisers like you

We work with event organisers from all sectors and industries, on events of all shapes and sizes, including conferences, exhibitions, corporate meetings, and other types of events. Find out how we work with our clients.


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