This feature allows you to quickly import spreadsheets into the EventReference system. The step by step wizard allows you to map fields, allocate badge types and review changes to data during reimports.

Supplying data

Please use the Excel template for data import.

Data import template (Excel)

We recommend that you import your own data, your project manager can advise you how to do this. However we do understand that this isn't always possible so please ensure your data is transferred securely.

Data import guidelines

  • When sending or importing data, always split fields in to separate columns i.e. First name, Last name, Company, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Country etc. These must be in separate columns to import and report on effectively
  • Each column must have a unique header. If using multiple spreadsheets, please ensure headers remain consistent throughout
  • Any hidden columns or rows will be imported so please delete where necessary
  • Each badge type name must be consistent. For example, all Visitors must be Visitor or Vis and not have some labelled Visitor and some labelled Vis
  • For your data to be re-imported and to avoid duplication, you must have a unique ID number/character against each record. Existing fields will be overwritten by whatever data exists in the new spreadsheet. If you import blank columns, this will clear any pre-existing data
  • Data must be saved in as Unicode CSV to successfully import into the Event Reference platform
  • The text case in your spreadsheet will be reproduced in the same format on the badges. So if the names in your spreadsheet are in UPPER CASE that is how they will appear on the badges
  • Email address field must only contain the actual email address, any additional characters in the field may result in the email not sending - spaces, >>, ", / etc.
  • If you have LeadReference available at your event, please ensure you include the data you would like to be made available
  • Please note: we are unable to make any changes to data sent to us in the incorrect format. You are responsible for the quality and correction of any inaccuracies within the data