Multi-site event registration

Conferences, International Congresses and Hosted Buyer events can often use one location for the main event but have delegates staying at multiple hotels. For events like this, you can use multi-site registration at all the hotels and the venue, and see one overall view of your registrations.

With our multi-site registration option, your delegates can:

  • Register online
  • Register at the main venue
  • Register at their hotel
  • For pre-registrations, they can collect their badge at their hotel


Whichever option they choose to register, their details are added to the main event database immediately. There are several advantages:

  • Queues at main registration are cut
  • Delegates don't need to go to the main venue ahead of the first sessions to get their badge
  • You can see who has arrived by looking at the system in any of the venues (great when you want to check that a keynote speaker has arrived)
  • Every badge is valid at every venue

The system continuously synchronises so all data is saved and accessible at any site.


There are five ways to badge your delegates, three types of badge, and three options for badge printing. We'll even send you a free badge sample pack.


Making badge collection easy

The normal on-site registration features can be available through the multi-site option. However, by providing registration facilities at the official hotels, you enable delegates to collect their badges quickly and easily so that they can walk straight through into the first congress sessions.

Low-cost Internet connections are used to link all the registration points. This means that if a delegate arrives unexpectedly, they can be added to the system at any of the registration points. As soon as their details are confirmed, their record will be available at all the other registration desks.

If a delegate's badge details are incorrect, the record can be updated at one registration desk and the updates will be available immediately at all the others.


Complete visibility of statistics

Wherever you choose to site the main congress office, you will be able to see reports and statistics online to see the number of delegates who have collected their badges. You have full visibility of event registrations and attendance at your fingertips, no matter the location of your delegates.


Client testimonials

Chris is always excellent onsite. He's always calm and cheery and assists with lost barcode queries which is incredibly helpful during the busy periods. Keith is also a great asset. He's always very adaptable and solutions focused. With events, it can be short turnarounds and high pressure, but Keith and Chris always make everything feel easy and achievable. Rob is also always very warm, helpful, and knowledgeable. Suzie and Penny are also always very helpful, keeping me well informed when payments are due and accommodating our internal procurement processes.

Wonderly Agency/Haymarket

India was great as always, she's always very helpful and quick to respond. It's a pleasure working with her.


Ben Harrison as always was extremely helpful in the build up to the event. Pete Thompson as well was brilliant and made the process very easy. Thanks again RefTech team!

A & I Group


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