Why use the FFAIR online exhibitor management platform?

Streamline your exhibitor process for event organisation with the easy-to-use Exhibitor Manual and Online Shop from FFAIR, the award-winning exhibitor management tool now provided by RefTech.

FFAIR creates a streamlined journey from start to finish, for all stakeholders. FFAIR has created a professional and effective multi-show platform that keeps everyone informed and organised, whilst being simple and easy to use.

The FFAIR platform comprises of three key parts Exhibitor manual, Online shop and Custom tasks.

What's more, event organisers can customise the event terminology used throughout the portal. This means you can implement FFAIR across your event portfolio, no matter what the event format and use local language that resonates with your audience. The perfect choice for running global events.


Exhibitor Manual

Keeping on top of your exhibitors can be a challenging task, especially when you are dealing with data spread across multiple platforms.

  • Ensuring that all information is accurate and up to date requires a meticulous approach and significant time investment.
  • The FFAIR online exhibitor manual streamlines this process by centralising all exhibitor data in one easily accessible location.
  • This allows event organisers to quickly access important information such as stand assignments, contact details, and payment status, and reducing the chance of anything being missed.
  • Additionally, automated reminders, task lists and notifications keep exhibitors informed about deadlines and requirements, improving communication and overall satisfaction.
  • By using FFAIR to manage exhibitors efficiently, you can lessen the worry and focus on delivering successful events.


Exhibitor Shop

FFAIR's user-friendly platform streamlines the exhibition process for exhibitors by providing a simple and convenient way to purchase all necessary items in one transaction. This eliminates the hassle of having to navigate multiple websites or vendors, saving valuable time and resources. By consolidating orders into a single transaction, FFAIR's platform ensures easy organisation and efficient procurement of stands, promotional materials, technology services, and other event essentials. The seamless purchasing experience not only enhances productivity but also fosters stronger partnerships between exhibitors and event organisers by facilitating clear communication and streamlined logistics.

The Supplier Manager is a tool that helps event managers carefully choose the categories of products and services that suppliers can offer to exhibitors. It also lets event managers invite suppliers to a special portal where they can work together more efficiently.

  • Enables event managers to invite suppliers to a special portal where they can work together more efficiently.
  • Event managers can select specific categories of products and services that they want suppliers to offer to exhibitors, ensuring relevancy and quality.
  • Event managers can invite suppliers to a dedicated portal where they can communicate and collaborate easily.
  • The process of working together and being on the same page is streamlined.
  • Creates a well-organised and successful shopping experience, by providing exhibitors with access to the best products and services available.


FFAIR's commitment to user-friendly solutions demonstrates their dedication to improving the exhibition experience for all parties involved. That is why they are the perfect partner for RefTech.

Custom Tasks

FFAIR offers a cool feature to create custom tasks for your event. This means you can tailor the planning process to fit your specific needs. No more guessing what you need to do next - FFAIR will keep you on track!

  • You will never miss a deadline with FFAIR. It's like having a personal assistant to help you stay organised!
  • Sends you reminder notifications when deadlines are approaching so you'll never forget an important task.
  • Sends email reminders as well as in app notifications, to keep you on track with your event planning.
  • Custom Tasks make the whole process super easy and seamless. No more stressing about forgetting something important - FFAIR has got your back!


Still need convincing? Here's all the benefits to using the FFAIR Online Exhibitor Manual and Shop for Your Exhibition

1. Everything you need is in one place, making it easy to find what you need
Are you tired of searching through different stores or flipping through pages of a physical manual to prepare for your exhibition? Well, with an online exhibitor manual and shop, you can say goodbye to all that hassle! Everything you need is right at your fingertips, making it super convenient to find what you need.
2. Time-saving and efficiency
No more running around to different stores or flipping through pages of a physical manual.
With an online exhibitor manual and shop, you can quickly find what you need without wasting any time. This means you'll have more time to focus on preparing for your exhibition and making sure everything is perfect.
By using an online exhibitor manual and shop, you can quickly order everything you need for your exhibition. It's a super-efficient way to make sure you have everything you need without any stress.
3. Custom Reports
Need a daily update on data or your finances? Just ask FFAIR, with the custom reports option you can create, save and share reports with ease, with colleagues in any location.
4. How to Make Your Event Run Smoothly?
Efficiency is key! Are you tired of constantly chasing exhibitors for information? With FFAIR, you can reduce the time spent on this task by 65%. This means less stress and more time to focus on other important aspects of your event.
FFAIR has a task completion rate of over 95%. This means that exhibitors are completing their tasks up to two weeks before the deadline, which allows you to plan ahead and make any necessary adjustments (if needed) without feeling rushed. This early completion gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is on track.
By using FFAIR, you can increase the operational efficiency of your event. This means smoother processes, less stress, and a more successful event overall.

So why wait? Start using FFAIR from RefTech today and see the difference it can make to you!


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