You want to get your registrants into your event as quickly and efficiently as possible. BUT you also probably want to know who's there (and, maybe, who isn't). That's what our unique PrintPod and ScanPod units do.

The fast and efficient way for visitors to collect their badge

PrintPods are freestanding, unattended badge printing stations. They are the fast and efficient way for visitors to scan a barcode and print their event badge. All they need for full operation is mains power and WiFi. Once in position, each can be set up in minutes.

The screens and units can be branded to suit the event. When an attendee's barcode is scanned, the PrintPod marks them on the event database as having attended.


PrintPod case study

The Haymarket Media Group chose our PrintPods for their Media360 event because they wanted a smooth, seamless badge collection and event entry experience along with live attendance figures for the organisers.

Marija Cvetkovic, Head of Event Operations for Haymarket Media Group said: "We had a great time using the new self-check in PrintPods. It was a really good experience – a fast and smooth entrance. The pods looked great, the printers are fast and sleek and people loved it."

To use PrintPods at your next event, get in touch with our specialists on +44 (0) 1827 61666.


The self-service entry and verification scanning pod

The award-winning ScanPods are self-service, freestanding, battery-powered and WiFi enabled entry and verification scanning pods. They use purpose-designed advanced technology that provides real-time data recording for sophisticated, powerful reporting.

ScanPods provide an all-in-one solution for event entry and verification scanning including:

  • Entry scanning
    • Scans visitor barcodes on entry to the event
    • Provides attendance reports for organisers
  • Session/Seminar scanning
    • Records attendance at sessions
    • Can check entitlement to attend a session
    • Provides capacity control for individual sessions
  • Verification scanning
    • Verifies entitlement to benefits e.g. VIP bag, lunch, session entry etc.
  • Access control
    • Checks badge-holder's access rights
    • Can limit access based on badge type, date and/or time
    • Can control access to individual conference sessions or a specific area
  • Flexible
    • Can be moved around a site easily
    • Function can be changed so, for example, can be used on the main entrance during the first hour of an event and then moved to record attendance at a breakout session.


The award-winning ScanPod has changed the way event organisers manage event entry and verification

They love its features and benefits

DEMEC love ScanPods because "they worked really, really well".

CHS love ScanPods because they are "really powerful but incredibly user friendly".

Want to know more? Take a look at our FAQs.

To use ScanPods at your next event, get in touch with our specialists on +44 (0) 1827 61666.


Why choose a PrintPod or ScanPod solution?

Because they provide:

  • Reduced human contact – quick, smooth, efficient, contact-free entry.
  • Free standing – keep your registration areas looking neat and tidy, and allow the flow of visitors to remain steady with floor standing and desktop options.
  • Branded Event Screens - brand consistency through your event utilising the branding options.
  • Branded units - maintain brand consistency on all event signage.
  • Sponsor branding – achieve higher revenues by upselling branding opportunities to your sponsors.
  • Event information – highlight your 'What's On' listings so visitors see them on arrival.
  • Reduced temporary staff requirements – reduces your cost base making your event more profitable if using an unmanned solution.
  • Enables detailed reporting - analyse your visitor traffic post-event for full visibility of attendance levels and in-event footfall.
  • Revenue protection (ScanPods) – control your costs with settings for 'last badge printed' allowed, no second lunch and no second delegate bag.

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