Haymarket Media Group is a long-term partner of RefTech, and saw a demo of the PrintPod on the RefTech stand at International Confex. They saw the advantages of the PrintPod immediately and booked them for their Media360 conference. The two-day event, held at The Grand Brighton, brought together approximately 300-400 brands, agencies, and media professionals for insightful discussions and networking opportunities.

The RefTech PrintPods enhanced the registration process and ensured seamless and efficient access to the event.

The Challenge:

Media360 faced the challenge of managing a large number of delegates, and required a swift and hassle-free registration process. The organisers sought a solution that would streamline registration, reduce waiting times, and provide a more convenient badge retrieval process.

The Solution:

RefTech stepped in with their cutting-edge PrintPods, a floor-standing unit equipped with an integrated printer. The goal was to offer delegates a quick and straightforward way to obtain their personalised event badges through a simple barcode scanning process. Attendees could use their smartphones or printed barcodes to receive their print-on-demand badges instantly.


RefTech installed two PrintPods and an enquiry station in the registration area. The setup was positioned to ensure maximum accessibility for delegates upon their arrival. The intuitive barcode scanning system allowed attendees to experience a fast-track entry process.

How it Worked:

Upon reaching the registration area, delegates were directed to the PrintPods. Using their smartphones, they scanned the event barcode provided on their e-tickets and in a matter of seconds, the PrintPods processed the barcode and printed a personalised badge for each attendee.

Results and Impact:

The introduction of RefTech's PrintPods generated enthusiastic responses from delegates and organisers alike. The key outcomes and impacts of this innovative solution were as follows:

  • Elimination of Queues: With the self-service barcode scanning system, attendees no longer had to wait to receive their badges, significantly reducing registration time.
  • Enhanced Attendee Experience: The streamlined registration process created a positive first impression for delegates, setting the tone for an enjoyable and seamless event experience.
  • Real-time Data Insights: The automated badge printing system provided organisers with real-time data on attendee numbers, facilitating better event management and resource allocation.
  • Sustainable Approach: By offering print-on-demand badges, Media360 reduced paper waste and adopted a more environmentally friendly registration process.


"We had a great time using the new self-check in PrintPods,"

commented Marija Cvetkovic, Head of Event Operations for Haymarket Media Group.

"It was a really good experience – a fast and smooth entrance. The pods looked great, the printers are fast and sleek and people loved it."


The partnership between Haymarket Media Group and RefTech brought immense value to the Media360 conference. The PrintPods provided a smooth, efficient, and eco-friendly registration experience for the 300-400 attendees and improved the overall event experience for both organisers and delegates.


The PrintPod is a sister product to the RefTech ScanPod - a standalone device that enables visitors to self-scan their badges on entry, and at key check points such as entry to seminars. The ScanPod has changed the way organisers hold events; it is used to reduce staff costs, speed registration, safeguard revenue (by checking if a delegate has paid for that session in real time and limiting access if needed) and capture live visitor movement data.