Want to escape from stress? Don't Let Stress ruin your day

In this day and age, experiencing stress in your everyday life is pretty much inevitable.

How you deal with stress and your feelings towards it is something you can have control over. By developing smart habits for dealing with stress you will avoid the burdens of being stressed. These can include; feeling overwhelmed on a daily basis, getting an upset stomach, headaches and migraines more often than not, and the feeling of being burnt out.

By making some small changes to your daily life you can help yourself to manage your own stress effectively.

  1. Do one thing at a time and write a short to do list
    Writing a to do list can help you to focus your day and plan/ prioritise tasks, enabling you to focus your mind on the current task in hand
  2. Will this matter? The 555 rule – will this matter in 5 days, months, years?.
    Using this method helps you become more receptive to change in your line of thinking. If the answer is ‘no' to the 555 rule then it is certainly not worth stressing over now.
    For more information on the 5x5 rule please use the following links:
    Using The Rule of 555 when Making Decisions | by Jeff Shuey | Medium
    01_Mind_Module2_DontWorry_5x5_upload.pdf (thehubbalance.com)
  3. Ask instead of guessing
    No one is a mind reader. If you ask questions to gain help, everyone involved will be on the same page avoiding any misunderstandings
  4. Pack your bag for the next day before you go to bed
    By packing your bag for the following day the night before, this will help with preparedness and you are less likely to forget things if they are planned out and prepared the night before
  5. Delegate
    If possible let someone else help you to get a task or project done
  6. Prioritise and eliminate
    This goes hand in hand with delegating tasks. By prioritizing tasks you need to ask yourself some simple questions for better time management; does this task need to be done urgently? How long will this take me? Does it need to be done at all? Can this wait until another day when I will have more time?
  7. Don't beat yourself up
    If something doesn't get done today, there is always tomorrow. Sometimes life gets in the way and plans change meaning you don't get done what you had hoped to. And that's ok! Beating yourself up about it will only add to the stress and you will end up making yourself angry, thus knocking your self-confidence and motivation.
  8. Be 10 minutes early
    Being ten minutes early gives you time! If you're ten minutes early you are on time! This gives you time to sit and calm yourself and prepare for the day.
  9. Take a Break
    Sometimes, all we need is a little time to relax and recharge. Take short breaks throughout the day to do something you enjoy, like going for a walk, listening to music, or practicing deep breathing exercises.
  10. Take your lunch break
    Don't eat too fast and go straight back to work. Your lunch break is yours to relax and unwind and take a time out for yourself
  11. Keep a tidy workspace and remove distractions
    A simple uncrowded workspace is best as simplicity helps you focus on the task at hand. If it's possible leave your phone in silent mode and in another room to avoid getting distracted. This enables you to think more clearly and feel less stressed
  12. Listen to yourself and your body.
    If you are starting to feel drained and run down, more irritable and overwhelmed don't keep going. Schedule more time for yourself and take care of yourself. Spend time with friends, go out for a walk in your favourite place, watch a good film or listen to a podcast. Whatever works for you, do it. We need to prioritise ourselves more and prioritise our health and wellbeing.
  13. Stay active
    Engaging in physical activity can do wonders for reducing stress. Whether it's going for a jog, doing yoga, or dancing to your favorite tunes, exercise releases endorphins that boost your mood and help you feel more relaxed.
  14. Breathe
    Release the stress, calm your mind and body down and reconnect with the present moment again by fully focusing on your breathing. Breathe with your belly for just 1-2 minutes and focus only on the air you are breathing in and out.
  15. Be smart about the three fundamentals of energy.
    Getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising a couple of times a week. These may seem obvious, But when you manage these three areas in a good way that then makes a huge difference to your mood, energy, outlook of life and how well you can handle stress.

Remember, everyone's stressors and coping mechanisms are different, so it's essential to find what works best for you. Take it one step at a time, and don't be too hard on yourself.

You've got this! 😊🌟