Events with free entry

Events with free entry are powered by the EventReference online event management software. You are in complete control of how you decide to manage entry to your event, including if you want to charge an entry fee or offer free entry and charge for elements of your event. You can find out more about events with paid entry here.

Examples of events with free entry

Free entry but restricted to an invitation list - simply import a spreadsheet of your invitees and EventReference can send an email to each with a link to registration.

Perhaps all registrations are free but you want to check specific types of registrant, such as journalists. Create a media category with the ability to accept or reject people.

Or perhaps you want free entry registration for the whole event but charge for specific elements such as a Gala Dinner. You can do that too in EventReference.


Event web page

When an event is created, EventReference automatically creates a default web page for you with your venue location. The default page shows details of the event, including any text that has been written in the description text box and a map showing where the event is.

If you prefer, this can be switched off, or a completely custom default page created.


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Multiple pages with whatever questions you want

EventReference allows you to build extremely comprehensive registration forms with ease. Simply create all of the questions you want to ask people registering for your event and place them in the order you want on the registration form.

EventReference also has "Administration" questions which means you can have questions that are only seen in the admin system enabling you to keep extra details about delegates that they don't get to fill in during their registration.

Question types

There are multiple different question types available including:

  • Text (both single and multi-line options)
  • Drop-down lists
  • Single-choice lists (radio buttons)
  • Multiple-choice lists (checkboxes)
  • Data fields

You can control all of the options available for each of the questions and decide whether the questions are mandatory.


Different questions for different attendee types

There are lots of instances where an organiser doesn't want to ask the same questions of everyone registering for the event.

EventReference makes it incredibly simple to change which questions are asked of which attendee types.


Customise messages that are sent after registration

Once someone has registered for your event you will want to send them information about the event and their registration.

EventReference gives you the power to manage all of the content and messages that are used throughout the system including on-screen messages and emails.

Content management

Our state-of-the-art content management system allows complete customization of the various elements of your pages and communication with people including invites, registration confirmations, e-blasts, and much more.

Of course, you might want to personalise each communication that goes out to the attendees. EventReference allows you to use any field within the registration system inside the content to ensure that everyone is made to feel especially looked after.


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