Euromoney Conferences organised the Central & Eastern European Forum (CEE Forum) in Vienna, Austria. This annual event serves as an important gathering for financial market participants interested in the CEE region, drawing attendees from over 50 countries. Parent company Delinian is a long-standing client of RefTech and uses RefTech services and equipment for several of their events.


The CEE Forum is renowned as a must-attend event for financiers seeking insights and opportunities within the CEE region. With approximately 1700 attendees, the event spans across three days, including a build day and pre-badging day followed by two main conference days.


Managing the registration process for a large-scale event like the CEE Forum posed significant challenges. Delinian sought to enhance the registration experience, minimise waiting times, and ensure smooth access for delegates while accommodating multiple badge types.


To address these challenges, RefTech introduced the Delinian team to their innovative PrintPods, a self-service standalone registration kiosk equipped with integrated printers. Ahead of the event, RefTech conducted a demonstration at Delinian's offices to showcase the capabilities of the PrintPods.


On the build day, RefTech deployed four PrintPods in a two-by-two formation in the registration area, alongside two enquiry stations to assist attendees with any registration-related queries. The PrintPods were strategically positioned for maximum accessibility. Additionally, RefTech branded the PrintPods with printed front and side panels, featuring sponsor logos and branding – giving the organisers a further sponsorship opportunity whilst enhancing the look of the registration area.

The badge printing process used fan-fold feed card stock, enabling quick and efficient badge production. The larger stock used enabled the CEE Forum to print images, branding and further personalised information on each badge. Seven badge types were catered for, including delegate, press, speaker, staff, and three variations for an adjoining meeting.

Results and Impact:

RefTech's PrintPods streamlined the registration process at the CEE Forum, yielding several key outcomes:

  • Reduced Waiting Times: Delegates experienced minimal wait times, thanks to the self-service nature of the PrintPods, resulting in a sleek and effortless registration process.
  • Enhanced Delegate Experience: The seamless badge retrieval process - from a barcode - contributed to a positive first impression, setting the stage for a professional and rewarding event experience.
  • Real-time Data Insights: The Neo software provided real-time registration data to the organising team enabling them to be reactive and responsive onsite.
  • Environmental Sustainability: By adopting a print-on-demand approach, the CEE Forum reduced paper waste, further aligning the event with their sustainability initiatives.
  • Professional Visual Impact: The sleek design and branding opportunities provided an additional avenue for sponsorship revenue. Moreover, the sophisticated presentation of sponsor logos and event information left sponsors highly satisfied with the quality and quantity of brand exposure, improving their engagement with the event.


"RefTech's PrintPods significantly elevated the registration experience at the CEE Forum. The Pods looked incredibly sleek and our sponsors were very happy with the quality of their brand exposure. They were also very easy to move when we needed to change their locations. We enjoy working with RefTech and everyone loved the ease and simplicity of the PrintPods - they just work!"

Ricardo Pereira, Delinian


The collaboration between Euromoney Conferences and RefTech resulted in a successful execution of the CEE Forum. The PrintPods provided a smooth, efficient, and eco-friendly registration experience for the 1700 attendees and improved the overall event experience for both organisers and delegates.