ACA Live is a full-service, creative, production agency with global reach.

They help build brands by creating experiences to shout about. The agency has been working with EventReference since 2015, using our online platform for event registration. ACA Live uses EventReference for many events every year.

As a frequent user of the cloud-based event registration solution, we asked Director, Adam Goodman why he trusts EventReference for his clients' events.

"We were looking for a robust, user friendly delegate registration tool that had an intuitive back-end CMS for reporting and comms. It also needed to be cost-effective and scalable."

EventReference is a complete online event registration tool that enables event organisers to manage online event registration for both free and paid-for events. It offers robust and powerful event management, delegate communication and reporting tools. The system is scalable, so it works for the simplest breakfast meeting or the most complex events with multiple variables.

The technology behind EventReference is advanced; designed in-house by technology experts. One of the key features of the platform is the powerful reporting tools. Filter, sort, create graphs and generate multiple reports from your data. Then rerun, store and export your reports to Microsoft Excel for a detailed view of your event's performance.

One of the great built-in functionalities of EventReference is the ability to handle up to 5 concurrent events as standard with ease, and if you need to manage more then you can do that too.

EventReference is designed to be flexible and address the needs of event organisers. So, even though it's packed full of useful features and functionality that we know event organisers want, when you require more advanced features such as different questions for different attendee types, capacity management, delegate photo management or paid-for options, you can add these functions and turn them off again when you no longer require them.

ACA Live has found the flexibility of the features useful for its events too.

"We needed to find a system that could handle multiple events that could provide "at the touch of a button" detailed reporting and analytics."

"The back end works for event organisers, and, when additional features are required for the consumer interface the EventReference team is more than happy to look for ways to support."

EventReference has been designed to be comprehensive, powerful and robust. So, when a client requires something slightly different that hasn't already been thought about, our in-house developers are keen to hear about it, get their toys out and develop a suitable solution.

So, it looks like EventReference provides the ideal event registration solution for ACA Live. We therefore asked Adam if and why he would recommend EventReference to other event organisers. This is what he told us:

"For all the reasons above. It's a robust system that is cost effective, flexible and scalable. It's a great, simple, easy to use product with excellent customer service support."

We're delighted the functionality and user experience of EventReference meets the expectations for ACA Live and their clients. You can discover what they love about the platform for yourself with our free trial.