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No matter how big or small your event, you can have hassle-free registration with EventReference. Whether your event is free to attend or you want to charge a fee, EventReference makes the process fast and easy.

In fact, EventReference is so easy to use that you could have an online registration system up and running in less than 60 seconds. It's that simple. Yet you still get the ability to tailor all your questions to your needs – you can even have different sequences of questions depending on the answers a registrant provides. Online and emailed confirmations can contain the precise text you want. And when you need to analyse who has registered or, after the event, who attended, EventReference contains a massively powerful reporting toolbox enabling you to produce the reports you want at the time you want them.

We reckon EventReference is the most advanced registration management tool available today. On the other hand, you'd probably expect us to say that so why not test it for yourself? Just click the button below and try EventReference for yourself. It's free.

And if you'd rather concentrate on something other than whether or not registration is running smoothly when you're on-site, we can help there as well. You want your attendees in your event, not standing in line at registration and we know how to achieve that for you.


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