Want an easier way for your attendees to access their fast track barcode?

Why not take advantage of our Wallet/Passbook feature, compatible with IOS and Android.

Add the Wallet/Passbook links and QR code to your e-badge and/or email communications. The attendee can use this information to add a pass to your event to the Wallet/Passbook app on their phone.

Using geolocation technology, when the attendee arrives near the venue, the fast track barcode will display on their phone and the attendee can continue straight to the fast track entry stations.


  • No paper printouts to remember
  • Not reliant on Wi-Fi/mobile data connection to download barcodes contained within emails
  • Quick and easy method of entry
  • Available worldwide

This feature was recently used at an event in the Brighton Centre. Once inside the venue most mobile data connections were unavailable. Attendees who had their fast track barcode in their Wallet/Passbook app were able to continue through registration without any delays while those who were using emails on their phones had to connect to the venue Wi-Fi in order to download the barcode images before they could pass through registration.

If you want the fastest possible entry process for your attendees, Wallet/Passbook is the answer.

Please note this feature is only available with our Fast Track entry system


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