On-site Registration

On-site Registration

You and your attendees want fast, accurate, easy to use on-site registration systems. That's what RefTech provide. Better than that, our service includes a range of options that mean your onsite registration area can do exactly what you want it to do. For example:


Fast track

You can provide a Fast track option for your attendees. They're sent a barcode. They bring it to your event either on a mobile device or on a printout. They present it for scanning. The system prints their badge in seconds. You can have Fast track as either Attended with staff on hand to help your attendees or Unattended as a self-service option.

Queue buster

You can even have our on-site registration systems in Queue buster mode. This enables you to have staff front of house scanning attendees' barcodes with a mobile device and printing their badges on a designated printer.

Registration desks

You're almost bound to need registration desks with staff to handle on-site registrations, spelling corrections, replacement badges and all the other issues that mean badges need to be printed on-site. Our on-site registration software has a very clear interface meaning that temporary staff can learn to use its powerful features very quickly.

Equipment only / Dry hire

If you prefer to handle on-site operations yourself, we can provide an equipment only option with our powerful systems installed and your attendee list all ready to go.


You can even use our WebBadging service to print your own badges in your own offices as a low cost option. Your attendees can even be enabled to print their own badges at home. All they have do then is to pick up a badge holder at your event.

CPD certificates

If you need to provide CPD certificates, our on-site registration software includes an option for that too. A delegate scans the barcode on their badge and the system produces the certificate automatically.

Preview and promotion

You can have preview and promotion screens at badging stations. They enable each registrant to check their badge before it's printed, saving time and money. In between showing badges, they can be used to promote breakout sessions or anything else you want to tell attendees about.


If you need to register attendees at multiple sites, we can do that, even if the sites are in different countries.

The choice is yours. Your on-site registration can be as sophisticated as you want but the key to its success is that it will be fast and easy for your attendees.

If you'd like to discuss your requirements in more detail, feel free to give us a call or drop us a line.

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