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Your events are almost certainly going to have to change, at least in the short term. The difficulty is that nobody can tell us precisely what those changes will involve.

What you need then, is an event registration and badging system that is flexible enough to meet the demands of the 'new normal' whatever that turns out to be. That's what RefTech offers.

Contact-free systems, flexible on-site arrangements to meet whatever social distancing rules are in force, an ability to provide a service that will reassure you and your attendees… all of this is now part of our offering.

Capacity Control

Managing attendance

You may need to control the number of attendees in your venue. We can help you to do that.

Perhaps you want to have attendance slots to manage the flow of people in the registration area. Our technology enables you to do that.

You will probably need to tell your attendees about all of these arrangements. Our software gives you that ability.

Add to all of that the ability to scan in and out of a venue, conference, breakout session or whatever and you can see that EventReference provides the tools you will need to manage attendance at your event.

Attendee optimisation

If your venue capacity is limited by social distancing regulations then it might be useful to prequalify your attendees.

EventReference includes an approvals process enabling you to select the registrants that are most important to you and your exhibitors. It's a powerful way to improve the ROI for all your stakeholders.

Registrations can be vetted after submission using any captured registration information, demographic data or previous imported information.

Each registration can be approved or declined and then assigned a specific status, badge type and/or attendance slot.

Powerful workflows can be used to automatically approve or decline registrations depending on the information provided when registering.

Session and Meeting bookings

Session & meeting bookings

You can control attendance numbers in specific areas of your event by having your attendees pre-book sessions and meetings.

This could also reduce crowding outside theatres or on exhibition stands.

If you want to record session attendance EventReference includes a number of options, one of which is bound to be right for you.

And if you use our diary system to maximise the ROI for your exhibitors, they will be able to record no-shows using our event app.

Contactless interaction

You can offer your attendees a contact-free badge collection by using our event app.

They will have access to:

  • Session timetables & information
  • Speaker bios
  • Appointments
  • Event information
  • Event floorplan
  • Activity & news feed
  • Any additional information you wish to share with them
Print at home badge


Whatever the badging needs of your event, EventReference has an option to suit, including contactless collection and special arrangements to maintain social distancing.

Physical badges can be collected from a self-service contactless station. These can be positioned to comply with social distancing guidelines. Attendees scan the barcode on their smart device or home printed email and their badge will be printed immediately so they can pick up their own badge and move on without having to have contact with an operator.

For those that do not have a barcode we can offer a station that can be manned by a member of your team who can operate from behind a Perspex screen for added protection.

If you prefer, you can remove physical badging altogether and use digital badging or print at home badges.

Physical controls

On-site you can use physical controls to manage the flow of people, reduce interaction, reduce potential virus transmission and promote social distancing.

RefTech project managers will work closely with you and your venue to ensure you have the most effective registration solution possible enabling our on-site teams to offer:

  • Socially distant registration stations
  • Distance managed queuing
  • Hygienic and sustainable badge disposal
  • Event staff with appropriate PPE
  • Enhanced cleaning & sanitizing of all registration equipment

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