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Autonomous Scanning Pod - ASPod

Autonomous Scanning Pod (ASPod)

This solution allows attendees to self-scan their badge on entry to an event and at key check points such as entry to seminars. The ASPod has been designed to help remove human contact and thus reduce the risk of Covid transmission.

We know that collecting data at events is critical and this provides an effective way to do so whilst minimising the need for human contact.

The ASPod also allows visitors to be incentived to scan badges – i.e. 'scan your badge and get a copy of the slides sent to your email address / made available on the event app etc.' with the organiser able to manage and co-ordinate all of this in the system.

As with our Fast track event registration solution, your attendees are sent a barcode. They bring that to your event on a mobile device or as a print out. Once at the venue, the barcode is scanned and the attendee is marked as attended, it takes a matter of seconds.

For sessions/seminars, by simply placing the ASPod outside the session room, the attendees can scan their barcode from either their smart device, print out or via our App and the attendance to the session is recorded. Simple!

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